Find Me

If you need me .
Find me .
Everywhere I'm .
My loyal tend only for you .

One day . If

You went through a hard time .
Whose shoulder you will look for .
For you to lend on .

Find me .

You're sad .
Whose ears you wanna borrow .
To story your heart .

Find me .

You're happy.
Whose lips you wanna see .
To sharing your smile .

Find me .

But .

There will be a time soon .
You and me don't know when .
Please worry for the coming time .

The time when you find me .
The time when you need me .
I'm not there for you .
I'm not ever exist .

On that time , I wish .
Your turn to find me .
Please , find me once .
Find my grave .

Lift your hand up .
Pray for my well-being there .
Even if you're never love me .

That's all, a piece of note .
I just wanna you to know .
Even you're not reading this .
Enough from this heart .

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