Value of Heart

How much the value of heart?
It is hurt, then how much the price to pay for treat?
It is cry, then how much the price to pay for a tear drops?

The greatest heart..  Always being respected..
Only for those who cared and kept the heart..
For those heart that never knew the sense of grief..

My heart just a rubbish.. and Im alright for that..
Because I couldn't, Im not eligible to have you..
If you need, take me. If not, throw me away..

You compared me to others, sorry..
I'm not such a girl with a lot of money
To attract the Adam for love them.
I'm not such a wild girl going date
out of home without parent permission.

And because of that, I'm shocked!
When I'm sincerely loving you day and night
My heart like has a value. "Hey my heart has a value ;)"
Such as you said "give me money so i will love you."

And sometimes when I asked you to helping me,
I'm like the wild street dogs, right?
Waiting you give meats and everything,
Waiting you give me money and so on.
Even though you're willing to helped me at first. But

But do you know the dog you told before is me.
I also have heart. I'm not asked for my fate, all were destined.
But humans who got permit to rate servants of Allah?

And who are you?
To state how much the value of heart?
To compared me with others, who are you!

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