My Engagement Day #anzmsz

I have said this many time, I met many different types of guys. In my campus
especially, you know in engineering course; I can only count the girls
with my fingers. And same goes to social network, OMG. Many handsome
men HAHA. But you know, I SWEAR, with him I feel complete, I feel like
I can accomplish everything. I can sleep in the night and wake up early in the
morning and what I try to say is that; with him I live like a human. Seriously ^^

I really love that person and I learn to wait. I wait for him because HONESTLY
I don't want anyone else. Maybe we are not meant to be together for today but
I believe this; we are meant to be in the FUTURE. and yet, my dream COMES REAL.
Thanks ALLAH, thanks everybody who prays FOR US. We got engaged and now
counting the days to get MARRIED.

Hati Banyak Jage Hati

sebab terlalu jage hati orang
aku expect orang akan buat yang sama.


dengan nada dan lafaz yang paling sopan.
sebab mak bapak aku pesan,

tegur bukan memalukan. bukan menjatuhkan.

kau hina dengan sehodoh2 bahasa
kau gelak, kau tolak beriya-iya.

kau pun harusnya mencerminkan diri
aku tak pernah terdetik sikit pun dalam hati
nak cerita buruk kau ape lg nk fikir buruk kau.

Tapi lepas ni

mintak maaf cakap la,
aku jage hati orang.
tapi aku tak jage hati orang yang mak bapak tak ajar supaya jage hati orang lain juga.

tak takut ke? kau kutuk kejadian Allah, kalau nanti kau ditimpa benda yang sama. tak ke malu?

2nd Step to Be

last year, they came for my open house.
this raya, they came for merisik. ive so surprised at first bcoz i even dont know about this event.
Trust me! It was all 'well-planned' by him. Tq!
yesterday, they came for discuss our date(s)
and the time to the 2nd step is finally come.
Afraid  immediately ^^

Burst Out

so tired of today.
as usual, monday bluess and i have to works as usual. part time at kios, hurm.. celah mane asal ade rezeki. im so tired of today, work last with class. dat lecturer, dr. Ad*** sometimes mcm syok sendiri sometimes mcm aku plak syok kt dia. whatever, die dah kawen.

now, lying on my bed.
kalau kt kampung mau kena kejar dgn parang. maghrib2 bergelap dlm bilik nk jd mambang ke ape kau.. just today, please.. omg, talking about them, i really miss my family right now. if only im a magician.. ouhh

well.. i need to get up now. feelin' like all my emotions burst out in seconds. i wanna laugh like crazy, cryin' like crazy. need to stop now. 


feelin' like nobody would hear me, a story that might kill anybody. how could i bear with all this shit things that happened around me, i've no idea. how should i survive, i dont know.
selfish. they were this kind of humans.

Aku Tahu

yang aku tahu
hidup ini ada satu matlamat
demi Tuhan.
Pencipta Langit dan Bumi.

dan kerana itu
aku perlu tahu
aku Hamba.
tercipta sebagai khalifah.

Ya Allah.
buatkan aku tahu
setiap dugaan ini.
kau hadirkan bersama hikmah.

Aku tahu
KepadaMu aku bersujud.
KepadaMu aku berserah.

p/s: life yg kucar kacir tunggang langgang detik ini.

What's Going On

disappointed with some kind of hospital.
treat patient like a stone. UNFAIR.
it's free so i couldn't fight back for that.
that's all i can say. Since it's sensitive issue,
my mouth keep close.
is gettin ready for World War 3.
I went to hospital there n there n there
Everybadeh know me. OF COURSE.

suffer alone. telling nobody.
i went to Clinic A, get some medicines.
if nothing happen in 3 days, go to hospital.

i just keep silent and wait for a week.
it's still there.

went to Hospital B.
"u cannot come here (emergency). U should refer to pakar so go to other clinic n get the surat doktor."


went to Hospital C
after a few hours until my father fall into a deep sleep at the waiting area

Blah blah blah.
The doctor get the medicines for me.
Go back home.
If im not getting better,
come back after 3 days.

'that kind of hospitals'
please give me some answer. SPECIFIC ANSWER.

WHAT'S  GOING ON with me.

Tell Them

when someone argue about your marks,
and say you have done nothing for it,
get mad and stop talking with u,
tell them you deserved for it.

tell them
when they show u how nice their clothes in front of the mirror, u were on ur study table.
when they watch movie drama youtube etc, u were thinking how to solve the assignment.
when they talking nonsense about gossip etc, u were stuck on ur chair for a whole day.

tell them!

tell them
u ever stay up for 3 days without close ur eyes, sleep and rest, have them?
u ever went to national library to find some books for ur assignment, have them?
u ever stay for a few hours in front of your lecturer's office to ask for help, have them?

tell them!

tell them
how their marks worth their effort.

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