Dare to Try

it might take a long journey with full of challenges,
going through the rain and storm before you reach the rainbow.
going through the range of mountains before you reach the top.
going through the sea  and waves before you reach the island.
we learn from our mistakes before we do the right.
we learn from our past before we create the future.
we learn from our failure before we achieve the success.
of course, you're not guaranteed to have a happy ending,
the results are random, either brings you up or put you down
but you know what?

“The world belongs to those who dare to try.”


A Broken Promise

Because I really love you, I hiding my sadness.
Just now you have promised,
I'm run away into bathroom,
I wear a jeans and blouse, make-up and waiting for you.
Then I text you, "where are you?" ......no reply......
"what are you doing?" ......you keep silent......
Suddenly you just cancelled it whenever you want,
without thinking if my heart broken.
I feel so much hurt, so much pain.
Such an idiot girl I am, Such a fool girlfriend.
Then u asked me, "am I going mad?"
I smiled n said nothing. I whispered into myself,
"What can I do then if you have decide
not to see me as you promise?"
When u end the called, my tears came down.
I'm smiling but deep inside no one know i'm bleeding.
If your friends called wanna see you, here you come.
But just a minute even a second if I could see you,
I feel so happy even I could see you from far.
It's hard to you fulfill your promise,
and I keep silent till now, I'm alright..


An Anchor

I will remember all you people
that didn't give me a chance.
I swear.

Right Time

anybody please tell me why I need to change
at time they want me to be nice person
at time they forced me to be good person
any reasons??
if I'm really change just because to satisfied them
what benefits I get for myself except depression
am I right??
and when I'm ready to go out from my past story
It's real me, true me without pretending anymore
Just wait for the right time.

Worst Teacher

I went through a hard life alone, but
when I look back my past, I know with those
kind of sorrow and sadness, I could be here.

Nobody Knows

hello peoples out there,
please don't put the blame on me.
I'm just feel ashamed of myself.

A Special Day

A long story with full of experience, a long journey that far away from my home, my family. After three years at UniKL MSI, I've done my study in Diploma of Engineering Technology in Mechanical Design and Development. Alhmadulillah. Dear abah n my lovely family, dear teachers and lecturers, dear relatives and friends Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, bring me up when I fall, bring me together when they left me behind, push me forward when I wanna give up everything, take my hand when I'm going through a hard time, borrow your shoulder when I need someone to lend on.

16 of May, I went to a bookstore with my friend, Ina to make report's hardcover. Unfortunately, the owner (Chinese auntie) said that..

"Upps sorry, we just possible finish your hardcover on Friday nite. Is it okay?"

OMG! What should we do? At no time, we searched for another bookstore, as I knew there's one bookstore area Kulim Hi-Tech behind the Bank Islam. The owner also said the same thing!

"Maaflah adik, pakcik tak ada runner nk ke S.Petani. Kalau ada pun, mungkin lambat siap."

We're so worried (peluh-peluh dah ni). Alamak, what the hell was going on? #$%^&*(. I just hope if there's an angel could help us, or something magic happened (nenek kebayan atas penyapu tu wujud ke?). Then I said to him,

"Please pakcik, please. We're just depart from Kuala Lumpur, no rest, no eat (padehal da mkn kt station bus), what we need now is a report's hardcover. Please pakcik. Kitorang tak ada siapa nk mintak tolong ni."

To make it short, Alhamdulillah the pakcik at last help us and he said,

"I try to help you. Please keep it secret from other friends. Just for both of you. Friday before 5 pm I'll call you, ok? Just leave your phone number here."

Went we reached Syahada's room, I just know that Evi also in her way to the hostel. Evi was my partner at APM Plastics Sdn. Bhd. during intra and we need to present together by the next morning. She brought together a toto, (small toto) but enough for me, Ina and herself to slept on.

17 of May, at 3.00 am while Syahada and I still jadi kelawar, Iza enter the room and sit on my side. Long time no see you Iza (long time ke if two month ago she came with Ina to my house). At 10 am something, we goes to Madam Fazidah's room as we have promised the madam to make a presentation around 10 am.

<------Something happened, only me, Evi and Firdaus know what was going on. hAhA------>

Before lunch, we have a photography session tau! I took a quiet long time before post this entry bcoz I need to get their permission to publishing tempek their picture but they do not know pon because if diorang alright with their pictures on my facebook, why not I put the same pictures into this blog too right? Hehehe. Sorry guys..

Black and white ni nampak la mcm 
kenangan silam sikit kan.. ;)))

Last Practical Day

Smlm last practical day sy after 16 weeks berguling-guling kt APM Plastics Sdn. Bhd. Bukit Beruntung Rawang as a trainee of Quality Assurance in Production Engineering Department. 

Kamsahamnida, xie xie, dhanyabad, arigato, thank you n syukran to all of u guys, my dearest manager yg maha garang, executive yg always bg kerja for kualiti, engineers including my supervisor, staffs akak2 n abg2 kt ofis, technicians, maintenance n workers that always guiding me from the very first day, giving me chance to gain experience n a very valuable knowledge to me. 

Still ingt lg whenever I got tasks from my manager n supervisor, 

........“Menyampahnye dpt projek ni”.....

Of course I feel such a burden bcoz every1 pon actually knows I couldn’t do the tasks alone. impossible la!! Lg2 kaum Hawa an. But with all of the support smate2 nk tolong sy, giving some ideas n information, reprimand me in solving problems, Alhamdulillah I could completed every single tasks successfully..

Thank you for d Jamuan Perpisahan la sangat utk sy ! Wanna see what just happened yesterday? Here we go, enjoyzz!..

 with workers at headrest area

 Abg Mat who was the 'captain' of Mould Section.
Beliau mmg pakar pasal mould, he could settle any problems in a second. ok tipu. 
Come on guys, u know what i mean... ;)

 From left : Both from left engineers of department Mr Farid also my supervisor n Mr Redzuan,
next is manager of department Mr Amer, me and the last is executive of PU Division Mr. Haridas.

 Org2 kuat yg always helping me and disturbing me ;) hahaha
Mr. Wan Basri aka abe, n 'captain' for technicians Mr. Sharazat.

 Thank you!

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