A Broken Promise

Because I really love you, I hiding my sadness.
Just now you have promised,
I'm run away into bathroom,
I wear a jeans and blouse, make-up and waiting for you.
Then I text you, "where are you?" ......no reply......
"what are you doing?" ......you keep silent......
Suddenly you just cancelled it whenever you want,
without thinking if my heart broken.
I feel so much hurt, so much pain.
Such an idiot girl I am, Such a fool girlfriend.
Then u asked me, "am I going mad?"
I smiled n said nothing. I whispered into myself,
"What can I do then if you have decide
not to see me as you promise?"
When u end the called, my tears came down.
I'm smiling but deep inside no one know i'm bleeding.
If your friends called wanna see you, here you come.
But just a minute even a second if I could see you,
I feel so happy even I could see you from far.
It's hard to you fulfill your promise,
and I keep silent till now, I'm alright..


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syahirah said... Reply To This Comment

how dare him do that to you.
be strong ok.

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