Last Practical Day

Smlm last practical day sy after 16 weeks berguling-guling kt APM Plastics Sdn. Bhd. Bukit Beruntung Rawang as a trainee of Quality Assurance in Production Engineering Department. 

Kamsahamnida, xie xie, dhanyabad, arigato, thank you n syukran to all of u guys, my dearest manager yg maha garang, executive yg always bg kerja for kualiti, engineers including my supervisor, staffs akak2 n abg2 kt ofis, technicians, maintenance n workers that always guiding me from the very first day, giving me chance to gain experience n a very valuable knowledge to me. 

Still ingt lg whenever I got tasks from my manager n supervisor, 

........“Menyampahnye dpt projek ni”.....

Of course I feel such a burden bcoz every1 pon actually knows I couldn’t do the tasks alone. impossible la!! Lg2 kaum Hawa an. But with all of the support smate2 nk tolong sy, giving some ideas n information, reprimand me in solving problems, Alhamdulillah I could completed every single tasks successfully..

Thank you for d Jamuan Perpisahan la sangat utk sy ! Wanna see what just happened yesterday? Here we go, enjoyzz!..

 with workers at headrest area

 Abg Mat who was the 'captain' of Mould Section.
Beliau mmg pakar pasal mould, he could settle any problems in a second. ok tipu. 
Come on guys, u know what i mean... ;)

 From left : Both from left engineers of department Mr Farid also my supervisor n Mr Redzuan,
next is manager of department Mr Amer, me and the last is executive of PU Division Mr. Haridas.

 Org2 kuat yg always helping me and disturbing me ;) hahaha
Mr. Wan Basri aka abe, n 'captain' for technicians Mr. Sharazat.

 Thank you!



eintan nurfuzie said... Reply To This Comment

huhu... masa prac mmg byk pengalaman manis kan?

Anzulna said... Reply To This Comment

pngalaman yg pahit where I need to accomplished byk projek termasuk sy kene buat SOP cushion Camry yg terbaru skrg tp yg pahit tu lah jd manis bile ingat sekarang :)

DeltaCharlie said... Reply To This Comment

Should be fun!

cweet pinky said... Reply To This Comment

hehehe , dulu CP adew hati nak jadik jurutera tp mase stdy tuh mcm hard la , tak mampu CP , skg CP tgh stdy nak jadik cekgu , hehehe ~ tukar cz , hahaha ~

Anzulna said... Reply To This Comment

kaum Hawa mmg hard la nk jd jurutera tp byk yg support especially family n classmate tu yg terpakse bertahan dlm course ni. :) alhamdulillah

Dylla Abas said... Reply To This Comment

err..farewell ke..? but ur face looks so ceria la dik :)

9n0L4 said... Reply To This Comment

intai² entry pertama orang. hehe.

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