Burst Out

so tired of today.
as usual, monday bluess and i have to works as usual. part time at kios, hurm.. celah mane asal ade rezeki. im so tired of today, work last with class. dat lecturer, dr. Ad*** sometimes mcm syok sendiri sometimes mcm aku plak syok kt dia. whatever, die dah kawen.

now, lying on my bed.
kalau kt kampung mau kena kejar dgn parang. maghrib2 bergelap dlm bilik nk jd mambang ke ape kau.. just today, please.. omg, talking about them, i really miss my family right now. if only im a magician.. ouhh

well.. i need to get up now. feelin' like all my emotions burst out in seconds. i wanna laugh like crazy, cryin' like crazy. need to stop now. 

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