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Dear bloggers, love ya. I'm not always there for you, reading blog, update n what so ever. But you know, I miss dat time where I actively joined many contents, giveaways n what so ever. Fourth semester will end, after d final exam two weeks from now. Pray for my success and best luck for me. Amin.

For ur information, I feel grateful to be in d blogger world. u know why. I'm taking Computer Programming for this semester and we're most played with 'coding' bla bla bla. It's not d same, but at least I know what should I do, having this subject where we learn on how to design a template, html, make a form, raido button, check button, text area n bla bla bla.

Not only that, someone who works in Petronas KLCC hire me to design his website when he know about me. n for d first time, I'm running my small business as a website designer (to be).

I would like to say that

(Please drop ur comments about this new blog. I'm looking forward.tq.
This blog is still in construction. Sepah sepah tu please ignored je la. ^^)

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cweet pinky said... Reply To This Comment

wah , tahniah aw , rezeki tuh , alhamdulillah , hehehe ~ rindu ngan cik tasha kiter nih , hehehe ~ btw , jangan luper lawat entry bloglis CP , hehehe , link ade kat setiap entry yang CP buat , tq :D

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