22 September 2012

wasn't too much if i said, i'm not single but inside, ive nobody..
so i closed and locked the door of my heart forever..
and threw away the key inside the sea so nobody can see..
u'r enough to hurt me more than what u can imagine, tq dear..
and i count my tears that falling down, there was infinity..
oh how you dare, i keep my promise but u? 


Waalid5035 ™ said... Reply To This Comment

nanti kkunci tu ikan duyung lelaki yang jumpe..hehe..:P..
jangan sdih2

cweet pinky said... Reply To This Comment

wah , jangan sedeh dear , uhuk3 ~ CP rindu anzulna yang ceria2 tuh :D

Nurul Husna Mohd Hassan said... Reply To This Comment

jangan sedih2 ye tasha, kalau sedih senyum, senyum boleh ubat hati :)

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