Babai Holiday !

what day is today ? of course Sunday .
what day is today ? my last day at home .
why ? end of half semester break .
so what are you doing now ? packing my bag .
what are you doing toninght ? go back to my house , oh no . my hostel .
where is it ? Pandan Ville Condominium, Pandan Indah .
what are you doing for tomorrow ? class class n class .
what about Tuesday ? Tuesday night i'm going to Kulim, Kedah . prays for my journey.
why ? settle my clearance so that i can go to my convocation day .
you have no class by Wednesday ? fonteng laaa.. i've no other time to go..
so when you go back to Kuala Lumpur ? Wednesday night, Insya-Allah . prays for my journey.
oh i see. good luck n all da best . take care . thank you .

[apabila roh bercakap dengan jasad]

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Nurul Husna Mohd Hassan said... Reply To This Comment

selamat pergi selamat balik ye tasha :)

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