Half Semester Break


1st of all, let me tell u dat im now having my holiday of half semester break.. fuiyooo.. dah half semester okies. ^^ neways, alhamdulillah, not much i can say but feel very thankful to Allah without His blessing and all, I thought dat I would lost my temper going through d hard time aka no money tu of course la kan, fought wif frenz, assignment, project and watsoever tu lah.

I'm starting to realize that the more I learn, the more I hate when the lecturers gave us assignment or project and we need to form a group and do it together. I've no probs pon in communication and watsoever, but I would like to have a group members which can co-operate together, give chance to others to speak and try to understand it bukan tolak bulat-bulat, or in short, bukn kepala batu yg nk dgar ckp kau sorang je. Seriously manusia-manusia mcm ni, bawah tapak kaki I letak-jujur habis dah ni. maaf.

Why? You just imagine if the Prime Minister of Malaysia only have SPM certification only for his education background? (just an example). Malaysia maybe dah tak ada dalam peta dunia.

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Farah Waheda Wahid said... Reply To This Comment

berapa lama half sem holiday break ni sis? btw...happy holiday tau... enjoy your holiday... have a good one... ^_^

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