Second Semester Here


Alhamdulillah, at this moment im free for conteng-conteng here in my blog, seriously i wish for this time would come earlier but just today.. im sorry.. followers, hear me? =(

im busy wif my study. even now im in library for doing my research, but jin malas datang on sudden jer.

phewww.. last week my university held student affair week, my gang n i must promote our club kat semue student especially yg freshie2 nih.. no club malam no club dangdut.. RSBS.. Rakan Sebaya Bantu Siswa. this club collaborate under the counselling department so sesaper yg ade probs tu boleh lah meluahkn perasaan n watsoever dgn kitorg. if not, they can booking for counselling session with our Councillor as well. =) bukan club kitorg je tau, ade la kelab2 yg lain yg turut mempromosikan kelab diorg carik keahlian baru.

ckp pjg pn x gune rite.. here we go!


cweet pinky said... Reply To This Comment

hahahaha , taw takpe , part nak carik ahli baru mesti meriah larr , hehehehe ~

I'm Just Who I am.. said... Reply To This Comment

Gud luck for your new semester :)

Hazira mahmud said... Reply To This Comment

gembira ek dapat cr ahli bru....
bgus2 next time kerje lag ek

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