When I Talked About Friends

when i talked about friends, it's non-stop. friends.

what kind of friends i need. what kind of friends i hate. what kind of friends that i respect the more and what kind of friends i thanks for being 'my friends'. beauty or ugly, rich or poor, where she/he came from or what they are on the past, all the same. it doesn't matter for me. i don't care.

what i care?

someone that able to pretend not to hear when somebody else talking shit about me. where if they know me as friends, they should know me better than everyone.

someone that can realize that im easy to bullied but they wouldn't try it once to put me down. im the person who never say 'no' when someone asked me to do something for them. i will.

someone that have a time to hear me, my problems and comfort me, hug me tight. or they just have to keep silent, without asking me anything. isn't?

someone that understand me when im doing wrong and make a mistake, they will say -you're just a human. we're not perfect. just let it go.

*kecewa. bila sahabat mementingkan diri. 


Nurul Filzah said... Reply To This Comment

bagi Nurul, nurul rasa sgt kecewa bila ada kawan lebih pentingkan boyfriend drpd kawan sendiri. Bila kecewa baru carik kita. Ergghh :(

Nurfaezah Abdullah said... Reply To This Comment

the older we grow, the wiser we will be. within that pace of life kita blh tgk siapa true friends kita :)

jom terjah sini: http://nurfaezahabdullah1712.blogspot.com/

Farah Waheda Wahid said... Reply To This Comment

kawan ketawa memang ramai yang boleh kita jumpa...tapi kawan menangis tu yang susah kita nak jumpa...

cweet pinky said... Reply To This Comment

bukan mudah nak jumpa kawan sejati , and kiter pown tak leyh mudah nak tag orang tak layak jadik kawan , btw , sentiasa la bijak la memilih :D

Hazira mahmud said... Reply To This Comment

wouuu u cakap about friends???

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