Finally I'm having my semester break for my first semester already, even thought it just for a month, it still valuable to me..
I've been very super duper busy during the last few weeks, while prepared for my final,
my frenzo n I searched for rental house in Ampang, it's hard to find. seriuosly =(
at last... alamdulillah.. will update later..

* I bought a new laptop.. HP Pavilion DV-615-15.6'', anyone drop your comments about this lappy, this brand n everything u wanna say about. I would like to know. tq ^^


skulluv said... Reply To This Comment

Hah! HP Pavilion DV-615-15.6". Biar betul?

laptop tu yang mana ye? tak pernah tahu pun pasal laptop2 ni.Haha

Natasha said... Reply To This Comment

not sure.. sbb x tau la sy tnye.. ni pn dpt name leptop dr resit yg die kasi.. ^^

missina said... Reply To This Comment

Break is the best ever..:)

cweet pinky said... Reply To This Comment

tataw la pasal lappy2 nih :P

hey tasha , kamu special case la pasal folower mghilang tuh :P

i just understood ur situation lorr , hehehe ~ thats why i put u in my bloglist ...

kamu dlu aktif layan CP , apsal lak nak lupe kan ? hehehe , btw happy blogging :D

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