My First Time! Have You Ever?

Engineers in Society- My lecturer cancelled our night class for a whole semester (except evening class).. he was da best lecturer ever i had lha time tuh je, lecturer korang ada camtu? suke2 nak batal kelas.. but c'mon. yg patah tumbuh yg hilang berganti lha. he replaced it wif an activity! ouh, EXRTREME ACTIVITY.  Awesome lha sangat kan.. FIRST TIME okehh so i thought dat, elehh hiking.. AS SIMPLE AS jungle trekking jerr.

Jungle trekking ye..ambik kau..whose dat!!


ada bran??

The steep at diz mountain can be 90 degrees kot? I dunno..
When we reached every checkpoint, I just wish if I can turn my way back. Give up already but my group members were very supportive and sporting. They will stop whenever d two ladies in my group (me and Jue) want to take some rest, and when we look tired, they will asked if we need water and so on. tqvm!

Not forgetting, the cold weather with breeze that blows when a storm was about to hit.
The rain and slippery part was 'icing' us sometimes, moody and whatsoever,
with da makhluk like pacat-pacat and lintah-lintah everywhere, UNACCEPTED. =( 
so that..., i swear.. I SWEAR.. I will go hiking again next time!! ^^
Evendo it was EXTREMELY HARD ACTIVITY for me, 
it was fun, I still enjoy the hike. What can I say, Gunung Datuk, a mountain for everyone!


Dylla Abas said... Reply To This Comment nya aktiviti ni..mmg extreme ye!

are_lin@yu said... Reply To This Comment

mencabarnya nampak ..

Nadia Johari said... Reply To This Comment

best juggle tracking ni..nad suke

Waalid5035 ™ said... Reply To This Comment

lame dah mengidam nak join xtvt spt xberkesempatan lagi la..huhu...

Qynisma said... Reply To This Comment

wah!! beshh giler lau leh join xtvt cemgini.haha :D

qyn da follow sini <3

hainom OKje said... Reply To This Comment

OKje memang tak suka aktiviti mcm tu!!

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