BIG BANG : [SEUNGRI] Only One Person

First time I heard this song, my tears fell down. It made my heart go a million miles a minute, my breath.. it stops. It sounds weird but the words and meaning of this song.... incredible! I absolutely love this song, the lyrics are great. I can totally relate. For me, it's about love someone like you aren't with, or can't be with.. urm, and the person like doesn't understand or didn't know your heart. 

Chonma sanguaeromnayo
Nande keumchaleumgayo
Hamlumchumbi eopshi
Taraeum sesanguro horo
Humchogto eopshi tanagapori

Sewae ginago nado
Tachi teyonandaedo
Kutenun naega munjo
Sarahundago malhake

Neyanehe kuteta haji motetonna yea
Kubegurchol nealke nonun

Neaga saranghae tondanamsaram huuum~~
Heopshi naedo naegta shimannamyon
Kutegu hanamnisoro naege amniojoyo 
Kude chalchi naegowinnun goejo 

Narun saranghae jultanansaram huuum~~
Pokoshipun mankamjulha naeyo
Ijenmalhae suyisoyo itegkolkangikeyo
Kuman kude saranghaeyo ijen

Translation :

Are you alright?
Is everything okay?
You left without a trace
going off to another world

After time passes
and I am reborn
I will tell you that
I love you first

All the things I have wanted to say to you
I will confess my love to you

That one person that I loved
If we're able to meet tomorrow
Greet me with a smile
And tell me you have been well

You're the only one for me
I miss you so much
I'm brave enough to say this now
I've always wanted to say I love you.



Che Rosliza Che mat said... Reply To This Comment

nice song...

cweet pinky said... Reply To This Comment

blom lagi larr , but lagu bes larr , maksud pown bes , kena larr dengan CP jugak ~

addinfarhani said... Reply To This Comment

first time dgr, terus jatuh chenta ngan lagu nie.. LIKE3(^^,)

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