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Dearest P1,

I don't know lah if P1 could read this or not, but please lah P1 jgn buat ur customer mcm sampah.

Last month I paid my bill RM 100 by Maybank tp I got a message that I need to pay RM251, what the hell kan bleh jd sebanyak tu.

Last three weeks something I've a presentation final intra but I still pegi P1 counter kt Kulim. Dia ckp sorry yg Maybank tu tak update lagi. Fine, baru nak update lah ni kan? Total unpaid RM 151 so that I paid RM100 cash okayy n balance ade lg RM 51 sy belum byr lg.

After a week pastu, I received a message- I need to pay RM 251? Again?? Ouhh please, Are you kidding me?? Seriously tak puas hati, and I dont think ada yang still okay if P1 buat mcm ni.

The stupid thing adalah bila sy call P1, almost 2,3 hours I'm waiting the hamba Allah utk bercakap but I just wasting my time, my credit n really.. I'm crazy with all of this. "PELAYAN PELANGGAN KAMI SEDANG SIBUK lah bagaiiii..Sila tunggu bla bla bla".. 

Facebook- okay there is another way we can contact PI by Facebook P1Cares and they give their feed back as fast as possible. Congratulations and thank you for serve me very well. I asked them what was the problems about my bill yg sy cerita td n mereka ckp "tak update so now you just need to pay RM 151 for this month punye." Ok fine.After a week.......

Today, okayyyy.. today.. I login into P1 selflogin and again dia publish besar-besaran punye at my P1 account RM251?? haha.. I'm not happy lah dear P1. I'm student so I might not completed my bill clearly until - Negative but I still bayar bill at least RM100 a month.

Always the answer NOT UPDATE NOT UPDATE NOT UPDATE. till when? Please lah.. If I'm the only one person one customer had this problem and also become as a problem customer to P1, I'll terminated P1 as well so that I will not burden P1 lg but as I see kat P1Care Facebook, bersepah2 customer post their problem so now who actually the problem. Customer or P1?

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