Friday : A Hundred Less One

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Prophet said,
"God has 99 names, a hundred less one; he who understand it will go to heaven."
(Shahiih Bukhaari, Muslim Shahiih)


Allaah is greatest name, which includes all the wonderful nature of God and a sign of essence and reason for all the essence.

Anyone who reads this ism (name) regularly every day as much as 1000 times, by saying yes Huu Yaa Allaah, Allah will give him the perfection of faith, all doubts and uncertainties will be missing his heart.

Anyone who read it on Friday before the prayer, in a state of pure and clean clothes, and free from all the bustle, then God will allow all the demands.

If the person who is suffering from a disease that is difficult to cure by the doctors, then he prayed to God with this ism (name), surely he will recover with the permission of God, for death has not yet come.

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