My Bad Syndrome : Talks With Things

I'm crazy? Of course not! It has become my habit long-long time ago.
yeahhh here we goooo.. haha.. I keep talking to the things..

I do communicate with people, I've frenz, but the trouble is I hate to being alone.
Haha.. I don't know whether it's bad or not, but I ever read an article about my case ni. And..
It's a 'syndrome' of talking with figures.. :(  xde cara nk buang.. tp ada cara nak kurang..

1)Try getting urself dlm situasi di mana anda tidak sendirian.. (brckp dgn mereka)
2)Try a new hobby. Contohnya yg mmbolehkn org luar terlibat (dancing.. (?))
3)If anda bersendirian, play music with h/fon & close your eyes (mghayati)
4)If u still find urself talking to with things, lg2 if ade manusia disekeliling anda
you need to find doctor.. sy belum tahap ni lagi kot (?) haha

Tapi bila search kat internet, terlalu byk manusia yg punye sindrom yg same..
Kot-kot korang pun tidak terkecuali dr masalah ini, betul tak? ngeehhhh~

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haz said... Reply To This Comment

hahah. comel lah awk ni xD

MyMy said... Reply To This Comment

satu lagi..
rajin blogwalking haha

miss yanie said... Reply To This Comment

KAHKAHKH...kte sme..actually,dlu2 prnh buat cmni..ntah,xtau knpe..ble igt blik,ish,aq ni dh x btul,skrg ni dh x buat dh smua tu coz byk bnde lg nk kne fkir..hahaha

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