TOP 5 BENEFITS of Writing a "Personal Diary"

I've my own diary since I'm 8 years old which at the beginning my 'childish diary' tu my mom yg beli. Time tu budak2 lg, of course la we didn't know anything pasal diary so kite main conteng-conteng sahaja lah. How beautiful the diary, it's amazing, colourful, ade butang-butang, siap boleh kunci lg. But it's just an old story, now diary sy ala-ala bos besar punye. Sy pakai prinsip 1 year 1 diary. mcm 1 Malaysia plak kan.. Korang ada? Especially for ladies, you must have at least one kan kan.. ;)

Our main topic today is-
TOP 5 BENEFITS of Writing a "Personal Diary".

1)Diary is our true friend

Diary is our BFF that will always listen ape yg korang nk ckp, never judge your opinion n u just need to writing what comes into your mind, your heart. At time no one nk dengar korang membebel, no one nk faham ape korang rase, but diary next to you all time when you are really in need of someone. Isn't?

2)Diary is a way of looking inside your mind

When you write diaries, you actually dalam keadaan mental yg tak stabil, maybe you tgh nangis, marah, sakit hati, you will write the truth. When you read over what you have written, you will discover yourself! "oh time ni aku mcm ni sebenarnye" n bla bla bla. Sometimes baca sambil tegelak sorang2, you will get it funny right?

3)Reducing stress and depress

When you write something you actually slow down your thinking. You akan berfikir sejenak apa yang you nak tulis so at that time your mind akan reverse balik. This is a great help when stressed or even depressed. When you write, your mind calm down automatically, this is a very big benefit of writing diaries.

4)Get relief from loneliness

She/he broke your heart? You feel lonely? Oh come on.. Take your diary! It helps you from feeling lonely because you can always pretend that you are actually writing a letter to somebody betul tak? muehehehe! And then you will realize yg perpisahan korang tu takde lah sakit mana. ;)

5)A diary will clarify your goals

As you write a few thoughts each day, your ideas about what you want, your mission, how you live your life and your time will become much clearer. You'll automatically discover what you really want in life.

ada satu 'diari' yg kita tak perlu susah-susah nak tulis, tp telah dituliskan utk kita.
kita cuma perlu baca, hayati dan fahami, Insya-Allah hati akan tenang.

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~Pen + Pensel~ said... Reply To This Comment

btul tu.sya pon de diari jgk.tpi dh jrng tulis sbb busy sngt.bile tulis diari,hti nie rsa tenang dan lega sngt2 sbb dpt meluahkn pe yg trbuku dlm hti nie T_T

Belladeone said... Reply To This Comment

indeed,al-quran akan menjadikan hati kita tenang bila membaca dan mendengarnya

Dylla Abas said... Reply To This Comment

agree with all these 5 points...i've my own diary every year...but unfortunately,tak pernah complete :p

Natasha said... Reply To This Comment

yg x bestnye klw diari kite ade kt tgn org. camne tu ;DDD

Natasha said... Reply To This Comment

exactly! there is nothing that can be compared with al-quran ;)

Natasha said... Reply To This Comment

haha.. at least once a month mesti kene update.. if since the very first page tu sy biar blank, xde mood nk continue smpai habis. ;)

nuha ahmad said... Reply To This Comment

yupp diary is a true bff !

Natasha said... Reply To This Comment

:) will always being our true bff.

CikMai said... Reply To This Comment

blog mai , diary mai :)

Natasha said... Reply To This Comment

some blogger do the same thing, including me. but actually not everything kite boleh share at public.. ;)

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