To Be Honest

To be honest
I already miss my world
I wanna return to the darkness
Sometimes, I feel  like I wanna give up
I can't stand with my new life anymore
Pretend to be happy with myself now
Pretend to be alright leaving my past
Pretend to be good girl to others
I can't move freely like before.
I am jealous.
Please Allah,
show me the way
Please return back my past
I feel like I can't go anymore
I'm changed myself wasn't it too rush?
Did I make a mistake? A wrong decision? No.
When everyone left me, then Allah please hold me.
I knew they are famous, they are sexy, they are hot.
Hot fi addunia, while their akhirah? Have they prepared?
or might be HOT FI ADDUNIA WAL AKHIRAH -nauzubillah-

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