Eight of June 12

smlm I had a date wif sum1 spesel at Rawang from Batu Caves
naeik KTM la kan then what. ;) ohhh slalunye "dijemput depan paga".

Time tggu kat Batu Caves uh.. "adik ni hala ke KL Central ye?"
not only one asked me that, but almost everyone. okey, saya baik.
I said "Yes". Actually geli hati jugak, you know why?
Of course la semua mghala ke KL Central kakak2 abang2 oii..
Batu Caves is the LAST STATION, kalau betul la ade dua hala,
one to KL Central and the other one mghala ke dalam gua. muehehe.

And also yesterday kan I learned how to made an origami. tq to them.
Urmmm, bakul telur by using A4 paper. Looks like easy bin simple kan,
I spent around 4 hours to made the origami, ok tipu. 2 hours is enough.

Now packing barang, 11.30 am nak gerak to Port Dickson.
Honeymoon with my husband, ok tipu lg. With my family. Ouhhh tasabar.
Port Dickson, here I come! cam tapenah dtg lak kan, da bepuluh kali pegy.
^__________^ HAPPY HOLIDAY. da nk abis cuti skola bru nk holiday~

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