Don't Confuse Me Please

Okay, ni base on my experienced three years ago, and I hope janganlah ada kes sebegini zaman sekarang. This one is for college+university+polytechnic students n bla bla bla. I guess semua dah pernah rasa minggu induksi+orientasi n seangkatan dengannya, am I right? Come on, at least once, kan?

Some students doing well during the weeks and the otherwise sampai kena check in hospital+homesick, manjanya lah kan? What was the most stressful and annoying of my life is I need to waking up earlier, going to boring presentations all day tengok mereka merepek merapu even about information yg we already da tau, getting lost around campus, and repeating it all the next day. Huh.

What about ice breaking session? We got chance to know each other during the time given. Unfortunately, when they asked ur name ada jugak lah makhluk asing yg something wrong somewhere, that concealed their real name. In other words, bagi nama samaran. While this is sort of adorable, you should drop this idea. Menyusahkan orang, dah parents u bagi nama elok2.. please lah guna pakai.

It’s disconcerting to go through the whole interview process (sesi suai kenal) with Katherina, than I discover on the second day that she’s Katheejah. What?? Huh.. Or weirder, to discover that the Zack who I spent several weeks talking with, and who I now know as Zack, actually his real name is Fadzrullah.

It is reported that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "On the Day of Resurrection, you will be called by your names and by your fathers' names, so give yourselves good names." (Hadith Abu Dawud) 

We’re all adults; just tell me ur name to call you and don’t confuse me lar.. malu ke nk pkai name sendiri?

ZULkufli (my dad)
LAina (my mom)


Misz Mieza said... Reply To This Comment

Ntahla dorang ni kan.. Dah ada nama elok2 nak guna nama samaran bagai lah pulak.. Bejet retis ker nak nama glamer2.. Huh..! Eh, emo plak.. Kekekkeke.. ;p

syahnaz said... Reply To This Comment
follow u cantik... salam perkenalan

CikMai said... Reply To This Comment

teheee mungkin dia selesa dh ngan nama tu kot . ade je kawan mai nama aina tp orang semua panggil julia.tak tau kenapa.ikut jelah keselesaan dia...

nuha ahmad said... Reply To This Comment

kalau kita sorang je panggil nama tu mungkin dia yang tukar. tapi kalau dah sume panggil nama tu. memang orang selesa yang tu lahh kott..
atau dieorang yang confiusss... huhu

akuskalo said... Reply To This Comment

Saya tiba2 nak share link dengan awak.

Kat sini ada link untuk download episod terbaru, kartun RM dan etc.

sbb sy pun minat RM jugak! =)

Waalid5035 ™ said... Reply To This Comment

saya pulak yang confius..huhu

Woofer Storm said... Reply To This Comment

alamak..terasa sekejap kat sini.. kalau kat alam maya ni tak perlu kenal sngt kot..hehehee biar orang kenal dgn penulisan,bukan pada wajah mahupun nama..

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